Nuclear agreement

Trump, Cruz to hold joint event to blast Iran deal

Trump, the Republican front-runner by far, announced the event during a 45-minute speech in South Carolina. 

Cruz aides said the Texas senator extended the invitation to the billionaire developer ahead of Congress' vote on the accord in mid-September. Cruz's campaign statement said the event is sponsored by Tea Party Patriots, the Center for Security Policy and the Zionist Organization of America. 

The Cruz campaign did not immediately offer other details, including the event date.

Despite skepticism, US confident it can monitor Iran deal

So why should anyone believe American intelligence officials when they express confidence that they can monitor Iran's compliance with the just-completed nuclear agreement?

The main reason, according to a classified joint intelligence assessment presented to Congress, is that the deal requires Iran to provide an unprecedented volume of information about nearly every aspect of its existing nuclear program, which Iran insists is peaceful. 

VIDEO: Kerry urges lawmakers to vote for Iran deal

The deal will take effect unless Congress blocks it, and Republicans in control of the House and Senate have made clear they intend to try to do so in September.

Kerry said that when the negotiations began, experts calculated that it would take Iran only two to three months to produce enough material for a bomb, the so-called breakout time.

VIDEO: Iran agreement a 'bad deal' - Netanyahu

Speaking during a joint news conference with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Netanyahu also said "sometimes the entire world can be wrong."

Renzi, on the first day of a two-day trip to the region, praised Italy's good relations with Israel.

Earlier in the day, the Italian prime minister visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial site in Jerusalem and toured Tel Aviv University.

Israeli leader says his country not bound by Iran nuke deal

Benjamin Netanyahu has been a leading opponent of the deal since its contours were announced earlier this year and conciliatory statements by both the United States and Iranian leaders did nothing to change his sentiment.

Speaking to reporters in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said the agreement would lift painful economic sanctions against Iran — bringing in a much needed influx of funds — without stopping it from developing a capacity to prevent nuclear weapons.

Iran nuclear talks extended; Iranians meet key obligation

That key condition is significantly reducing its stocks of enriched uranium that could be used for atomic weapons.

Iran's failure to comply would have severely undermined the negotiations, which are aimed at curbing the Iranians' nuclear program for a decade in exchange for tens of billions of dollars in relief from international economic sanctions

The State Department announced the extra days of talks only hours before the expiration of the target date for their completion. 

AP Exclusive: Iran would get nuclear help in proposed deal

But a defiant speech by Iran's supreme leader less than a week before a negotiating deadline casts doubt on whether he's willing to make the necessary concessions to seal a deal.

The talks, which resumed Wednesday in Vienna on restraining any Iranian efforts to make atomic arms, appeared to be behind schedule judging by the draft document obtained by The Associated Press.

The draft, one of several technical appendices meant to accompany the main body of any deal, has bracketed text in dozens of places where disagreements remain.