Nawaeb electorate

Nawaeb district’s bad roads

A majority of the rural populace are forced to walk for hours or even days just to reach the nearest PMV stop.

Intending candidates travel along bad roads and challenging topography to conduct their campaigns. However, after they are elected into Parliament, most of them forget the people who need them the most.

This situation was evident at Nawaeb district in Morobe Province as media personnel and participants of the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s Lae Circuit made their way to Bambok village for the second Youths, Geyamsao and Sunday School conference.

Polye: Citizens must speak out

While speaking at Wagan Lahu village, Morobe Province, Opposition Leader Don Polye said though our forefathers set this nation on a path to prosperity, young leaders of today have steered this nation away from its intended destination.

“There’s no doubt that we are sinking fast by the day and the signs and symptoms are obvious,” Polye stated at the Nawaeb electorate.

“The country’s elite population, including the general public, must not turn a blind eye on the corruption within the system of governance and pretend that all is well.