Polye: Citizens must speak out

It is the duty of every concerned citizen of this nation to speak against bad governance that is destroying the fabric of this nation.

While speaking at Wagan Lahu village, Morobe Province, Opposition Leader Don Polye said though our forefathers set this nation on a path to prosperity, young leaders of today have steered this nation away from its intended destination.

“There’s no doubt that we are sinking fast by the day and the signs and symptoms are obvious,” Polye stated at the Nawaeb electorate.

“The country’s elite population, including the general public, must not turn a blind eye on the corruption within the system of governance and pretend that all is well.

“Speak against it and act within the boundaries of the law to report and bring to justice those responsible.”

Polye said it is the duty of the executive government to denounce corruption and lead the country in a “just and fair” manner but to date, the government had failed to do so.

He said the government continues to entertain corruption, the latest being the more than K50 million Manumanu land fraud that resulted in the sidelining of two senior government ministers.

“The people must take it upon themselves to weed out corruption as they cannot rely on the government.”

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader was made the paramount chief of Wagan Lahu village.

The supreme chief bestowed the powers of a chief to Polye, giving him a headdress, a spear and a club, among others.

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