National Social Accountability Summit

Need for Social Accountability

It brought together civil society organizations, public officials and service providers.

The theme was ‘Sharing and Learning from Innovators and Practitioners.’

The purpose of the summit was to stimulate critical thinking and discussions around social accountability tools to use and empower citizens to advocate for accountability on the management of public resources.

Paul Barker, Director for Institute of National Affairs says it is important for the government to report to its people.

Standardize govt services

Kumung made this statement at the recent National Social Accountability Summit.

He said the department aims to improve service delivery by aligning service delivery by developing a new structure and plan. This will see the department of National Planning and Monitoring working in partnership with DPLGA.

Accountability Issues Highlighted

He said there are a lot of challenges in the systems that state government agencies are tasked to administer.

The Deputy Secretary also said that the government has in place good laws and policies. There are structured plans in place. However, implementation is key.

“The greatest challenge is how can we ensure we effectively and prudently administer the resources that are within our, within the availability of diff sectors resource that are given to them which they can use to ensure this plan is actually implemented and delivered.”