National Repentance day

DPM’s repentance day notice

In a circular released today, Sansan outlined that Thursday, the 26th of August, is a public holiday, as confirmed in the National Executive Council decision number 261 of 2020.

She said all public servants are required to resume normal duties commencing 7.45am on Friday, the 27th of August.

Women from Wasisi, in WNB make use of Repentance Day

The day observed  on Friday  August 26, saw  20 women in the Siki Land Settlement Scheme division,  fasted for half  the day  followed by a graduation ceremony that saw presentation of certificates in sewing and financial literacy.

This life skills training was coordinated through the Mama Loose Fruit programs. The women commenced training on two patterns  on August 15 to 24. On August 25 they were taught Financial Literacy and graduated with certificates  on August 26.

PM joins Christians to celebrate anniversary of 400-year-old Bible

He addressed the public at around 9:30am; they had gathered as early as 4am outside the car park to pray.

O’Neill spoke to the crowd, outlining the importance of the prayer day and the opportunity for the country as a whole to connect with God and Christian opportunities.

He also spoke of how the churches had been providing services in the rural areas for the past 40 years and his recent government’s commitment to them.