PM joins Christians to celebrate anniversary of 400-year-old Bible

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill this morning joined Christians at the National Parliament house to pray and celebrate the first anniversary of the 400-year-old Bible in parliament.

He addressed the public at around 9:30am; they had gathered as early as 4am outside the car park to pray.

O’Neill spoke to the crowd, outlining the importance of the prayer day and the opportunity for the country as a whole to connect with God and Christian opportunities.

He also spoke of how the churches had been providing services in the rural areas for the past 40 years and his recent government’s commitment to them.

Only last year, the 400-year-old New King James Version Bible was brought into the country and placed in Parliament; an act that did not go down well with many, said the PM.

“We must strengthen the partnership between the church and the government; it will not be easy with challenges of the economy,” he added.

Only a handful of MPs joined the Prime Minister in commemorating the National Repentance and Prayer Day.

Sally Pokiton