Women from Wasisi, in WNB make use of Repentance Day

The National Repentance Day in PNG saw many people throughout the country take part in with special church service programs.

The day observed  on Friday  August 26, saw  20 women in the Siki Land Settlement Scheme division,  fasted for half  the day  followed by a graduation ceremony that saw presentation of certificates in sewing and financial literacy.

This life skills training was coordinated through the Mama Loose Fruit programs. The women commenced training on two patterns  on August 15 to 24. On August 25 they were taught Financial Literacy and graduated with certificates  on August 26.

Trainees spokesperson  Noelyn Eichorn thanked the Mama Loose Fruit executives in identifying their needs and bringing training to their doorstep.

“What you taught us will be utilised as we have experienced that life in the oil palm blocks have changed dramatically, due to increase in family numbers and shortage of land for farming.”

Eichorn also  thanked  the HOPGA area Chairman at Siki Greg Mongi for his support to their activities. “We want all our women to be taught financial literacy so they can plan and budget their income in a sustainable manner.”

Representing HOPGA Mongi informed the women that they must now teach their daughters to sew too. You must live a legacy that your family will remember you for.

From the 20 women that graduated, five participated in the financial literacy training while 15 sat for the sewing training. Three of these women were recipients of the Mama Loose Fruit Chicken Micro Credit Scheme.

Another training will be conducted at Mamota LSS block from September 5-15.  In this event, 28 women from Mamota will be participating in this training.

Dianne Mirio