National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate

Contempt case against Baki filed

McRonald Nale of Jema Lawyers, who is representing Damaru, confirmed with Loop they filed the contempt proceeding yesterday.  

The contempt proceeding was filed against the actions of Commissioner Baki on April 18 when he temporarily closed the fraud office after a stay was granted by the National Court against Damaru’s suspension.   

Damaru was served a notice of suspension from office on Saturday, April 16, at his family residence at Bomana.

Fraud squad kept Baki in the dark, says Atiyafa

“Since assuming office last year, the Commissioner acted professionally and reasonably by giving ample time for the fraud investigators to appraise him, as head of the organisation, on all matters investigated by the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate, including the PM’s case.

But detectives assigned to these cases withheld information, said Atiyafa.

This has raised a certain level of suspicion of bias in these investigations.

Damaru says to ‘fight for Papua New Guinea’

Those were the words of Matthew Damaru, the head of the country's anti-corruption office.

Damaru was a relieved man after the Court decision yesterday, restraining his suspension as the boss of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate.

Damaru was given his suspension notice last Saturday at his Bomana home, outside Port Moresby, by three squad cars.

But in a turn of events, Police Commissioner Gari Baki, in a media briefing around 7.30pm on Monday, suspended the operation of the police anti-corruption office indefinitely.

Fraud office on lockdown

This happened despite the Waigani National Court staying the suspension of fraud director Damaru today.

The locks to the sympathisers’ office doors were also changed.

On site this afternoon, a troop carrier was used to block off the main gate of the office while a locksmith was seen changing the locks.

When contacted, Damaru said despite the court decision, he was verbally told by the deputy commissioner of police administration Raphael Huafolo that he will not be allowed back on premises.

Fraud squad’s trip was approved, according to court documents

The director of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate (NFACD) was served his suspension notice on Saturday at his home.

Damaru’s lawyer filed an urgent ex parte court hearing yesterday arguing that the suspension was of urgency.

Today in Court, plaintiff’s lawyer Gregory Egan argued that the suspension is a threatening action and asked the Court to use its powers to stay the suspension by restraining defendants, ACP Crimes Victor Isouve and Police Commissioner Gari Baki.

Polye unhappy with Court decision over Damaru, Gitua

Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye said he doubted whether the decision last week was “a plot to hang Mathew Damaru and Timothy Gitua out to dry until they compromise their duties and services due to lack of legal representation.”   

“As we know the Attorney General Ano Pala has not been in good terms with Damaru and Gitua over his contempt of court or perversion of course of justice charges.

Fraud squad chiefs try to join Vaki case

Vaki in his capacity as the Police Commissioner  filed the originating summons before the National Court on June 2014 seeking to review the decision of the Chief Magistrate Nerrie Eliakim in the District Court after she refused to dismiss the warrant of arrest that was issued against the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

On 18 July 2014, the National Court granted leave for a judicial review to be conducted over the manner in which the warrant of arrest was obtained from the District Court against Prime Minister O’Neill.