Police Minister Robert Atiyafa

No police boats to fight piracy in PNG waters: Atiyafa

This dangerous scenario was echoed in Parliament this morning by Police Minister Robert Atiyafa who said the Police water unit is non-functioning.

Kairuku – Hiri MP, Peter Isoaimo during Question Time asked if local police had boats to chase people committing the act of piracy, after a recent murder of a man from Roku Village within the waters near Port Moresby.  

Roku village is inside the electorate boundary of Isoaimo’s electorate.

Police Minister warns against damaging property

“We are receiving reports of university buildings and some houses being set on fire,” Minister Atiyafa said.

“A number of police and private vehicles have been damaged.

“There are also a number of students being intimidated for refusing to take part in protest action because all they want to do is return to classes.

“We know that the ringleaders of the violence are not students.

“Police are now investigating the string of offences that have been committed and arrests will be made.

Atiyafa thanks disciplinary forces and people for successful ACP Meeting

He also heaped praise on city residents for looking after the international guests, adding that Papua New Guineans have always been culturally receptive. “We may have our own problems, but as Melanesians we have the tendency of looking after our guests. The hospitality accorded to our dignitaries attending the ACP meetings was truly commendable and therefore I must thank the people for being receptive and nice,” Atiyafa said.

Basil welcomes Atiyafa after ‘long period of silence’

After welcoming Police Minister Robert Atiyafa back, Basil said he (Atiyafa) must step up his level in understanding how the Opposition works.

Basil was responding to the Police Minister’s statement in warning the Opposition from prying.

“Our role basically as the Opposition is keeping the government – including the Police Minister or the Prime Minister – accountable to the people of PNG.

“The O’Neill Government – including Police Minister, Robert Atiyafa - has to remain answerable to our people at all times,” Basil said.

Fraud squad kept Baki in the dark, says Atiyafa

“Since assuming office last year, the Commissioner acted professionally and reasonably by giving ample time for the fraud investigators to appraise him, as head of the organisation, on all matters investigated by the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate, including the PM’s case.

But detectives assigned to these cases withheld information, said Atiyafa.

This has raised a certain level of suspicion of bias in these investigations.

Police recruits to pass out today

And Police Minister, Robert Atiyafa is happy with the progress of  training so far.

Atiyafa said this batch of recruits have had the privilege of getting additional supervised training from the Australian federal police.

He says that the training and insights given to the recruits have been invaluable y in terms of courtroom processes and procedures as well as case work.

In a recent interview the AFP Commander Allan Scott said court room training and case work was an area that the AFP saw needed assistance with in terms of training.