Mathew Damaru

Correctional Service staff arrested

Solomon Junt Warur, 48, from Rainau village, Kokopo district in East New Britain Province, was arrested on December 14 and charged with 68 counts of false pretense and 68 counts of misappropriation of funds.

National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate director, Matthew Damaru, says Warur is employed by CS as a sergeant and communication officer at CS headquarters.

“It is alleged that in 2010, he incorporated a company known as Merc-Tech Electronics Ltd,” says Damaru.

South Korean arrested and charged

The 42 year old identified as one Chin Sik Son who owns a company called Pako F C holdings based in Port Moresby was arrested by detectives from the National Fraud and Anti-corruption directorate recently.

In a media statement, Director for National Fraud and Anti-corruption Directorate, Mathew Damaru said Sik Son was arrested following a lodging of a complaint by the Kumho Tyre Mart limited in Lae, following allegations of overdue bills amounting to over 200 thousand kina.

Charges on Damaru stayed

The court stayed the recent charges laid against Damaru.

He was charged for one count of Abuse of Office and Deprivation of Liberty in relation to the arrest of Justice Bernard Sakora.

The Police Commissioner and his servants were also restrained from taking any action against members of the Fraud Squad arising out of or in relation to the arrest of Justice Bernard Sakora until further orders by the court.

These orders were granted after lawyer representing the plaintiffs, McRonald Nale of Jema Lawyers made ex-parte submissions seeking leave to stay the charges.

Fraud building still closed due to Damaru’s hearing

An inside source at the fraud office said the delay was because director Matthew Damaru’s termination hearing is in session at the courthouse.

There will be a meeting however at the police headquarters at 1.30pm today after the court hearing. This is for all officers with the Commission of Police.

The fraud office will reopen soon after the meeting.

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Damaru says to ‘fight for Papua New Guinea’

"I am a Papua New Guinean and will fight for Papua New Guinea."

Church elder slashed with bush knife over headmaster debate

Damaru says to ‘fight for Papua New Guinea’

Those were the words of Matthew Damaru, the head of the country's anti-corruption office.

Damaru was a relieved man after the Court decision yesterday, restraining his suspension as the boss of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate.

Damaru was given his suspension notice last Saturday at his Bomana home, outside Port Moresby, by three squad cars.

But in a turn of events, Police Commissioner Gari Baki, in a media briefing around 7.30pm on Monday, suspended the operation of the police anti-corruption office indefinitely.

All fraud officers will now be working in crimes directorate

Police Commissioner Gari Baki tells Loop PNG that these officers are all members of the constabulary and will be treated as such.

Baki: There is no vested interest in fraud office closure

Commissioner Gari Baki says he is also duty bound to make sure that all his personnel carry out investigations, but the process of informing the commissioner is important to ensure accountability.

Baki closes fraud office

Commissioner Gari Baki says that he has taken the stance to regain command and control of the police force.

Fraud office on lockdown

This happened despite the Waigani National Court staying the suspension of fraud director Damaru today.

The locks to the sympathisers’ office doors were also changed.

On site this afternoon, a troop carrier was used to block off the main gate of the office while a locksmith was seen changing the locks.

When contacted, Damaru said despite the court decision, he was verbally told by the deputy commissioner of police administration Raphael Huafolo that he will not be allowed back on premises.