National and Supreme Court Registrar Ian Augerea

New normal in Courts

The Supreme and National court registrar, Ian Augerea, says all courts throughout the country are instructed to do the same.

The directions were for all staff and public accessing the court complex to wear a mask at all times. A hand wash station has been set up for the public to wash their hands before proceeding into the courthouse.

Their temperatures will be checked at the entry point and social distancing must be practiced as per the red lines indicated on the footpath and in the courtrooms. 

Waigani Court House on locked down after bomb threat

Staff and lawyers were evicted from the Court House for about two hours. 

Court officials say the threat was issued before 8am today.

An anonymous caller had called the officer of the Chief Justice notifying them of a possible bomb threat.

At 8am, all staff were evicted from the Court House and the gate closed with the guards turning away the public.

At around 9:30 personals from the PNGDF’s Explosive and Ordinance Division arrived to visibly check the area.