New normal in Courts

As part of the efforts by the courts to keep the public and its staff safe, the registrar has issued protocols to access court facilities during this coronavirus pandemic.

The Supreme and National court registrar, Ian Augerea, says all courts throughout the country are instructed to do the same.

The directions were for all staff and public accessing the court complex to wear a mask at all times. A hand wash station has been set up for the public to wash their hands before proceeding into the courthouse.

Their temperatures will be checked at the entry point and social distancing must be practiced as per the red lines indicated on the footpath and in the courtrooms. 

“We try to maintain the directions given to us by the government,” says Augerea.

Public access to all courtrooms remains restricted, while the person gaining access is a lawyer representing a party. Entry into any courtroom is restricted to only 5 persons.

Filing of all cases must be done through email. Members of the public who wish to access documents or filing of all existing cases must email the registrar and copy the deputy registrars and assistant registrars of the respective registries.  

The registrar advised that any large files of documents that are hard to email must be filed physically at the counter but with prior arrangement with the track registry track leaders and the deputy and assistant registrars.

Access to registry counters will be restricted to only 3 to 4 persons at one time.

Any new case to be registered will be filed through the Integral Electronic Case Management System (IECMS).

You can register your account on the IECMS website to lodge your case.