Waigani Court House on locked down after bomb threat

The Waigani National and Supreme Court premises were on lock down this morning following a bomb threat.

Staff and lawyers were evicted from the Court House for about two hours. 

Court officials say the threat was issued before 8am today.

An anonymous caller had called the officer of the Chief Justice notifying them of a possible bomb threat.

At 8am, all staff were evicted from the Court House and the gate closed with the guards turning away the public.

At around 9:30 personals from the PNGDF’s Explosive and Ordinance Division arrived to visibly check the area.

The team couldn’t do a thorough check and give total clearance as they were ill-equipped and needed the assistance of the dog unit.

The Dog Unit, however, did not turn up early. 

Commander of the Dog Unit, Leuth Nidung told the media that they could not attend to the bomb threat quickly because the vehicle that is usually used to transport the dogs was taken away from his men.

The National and Supreme Court Registrar Ian Augerea, the Chief Justice and the rest of the administrative team did not want to give details of the bomb threat until they receive full clearance from the Police Dog Unit.

After over two hours of waiting, the staff and lawyers were the only ones allowed into the Court premises.

At around 2pm, the Commander of the Dog Unit arrived and cleared the area of any possible bomb threats.

A few court cases were than heard.

At this stage there is still no word from the Judicial Staff and the police, on any possible reasons behind the bomb threat.

Charmaine Poriambep