National Adaptation Plan (NAP)

PNG urges National Adaptation Plan

Speaking at a high-level Ministerial event during the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai, Minister Kilepa stressed the urgency of building resilience in small island developing states, particularly those, like PNG, profoundly affected by climate change.

Launched in April 2023, Papua New Guinea's NAP is a comprehensive framework aimed at addressing vulnerabilities in key sectors such as agriculture, health, transport, and infrastructure.

Integrate climate issues into sectoral development plans

Jacob Ekinye said going forward they will need to integrate mainstream Climate Change issues into the sectoral development plans, with the help of all stakeholders including development partners.

Ekinye announced during a press conference that they be roll out the NAP to the national and subnational levels in two phases.

Adaptation plan required in Paris Agreement

The General Manger for Adaptation & Project Design, said during a media conference that there are two approaches to Climate Change; Mitigation and Adaptation.

Jacob Ekinye announced recently that a National Adaptation Plan was a requirement of a Paris Agreement Implementation Act, from the 2016 Paris Agreement.