Hanua Merona rocking Motuan coastline

Yes! CocoMan's Basement (CMB) dropped its latest song Hanua Merona only last week waking up fans, especially along the Motuan coastline.

Hanua Merona in the local Motuan dialect means “a village boy” (Ples mangi in Tok Pisin)

The song is mostly sung in Motu and focuses on the daily life of a young man from the area.

“Basically, we decided to bond all Motuan villages through this daily lifestyle of the young man – his life in the village, how he should be. So it’s coming from the young man’s perspective,” Mike (CMB) said.

Random act of Kindness

But who would have thought a school boy many, many years ago would be given a second chance in his adult life to finally say “thank you” to a kind hearted woman who spared him great humiliation in a bus full of school mates by offering to pay his fare and then offer him a little extra so he could enjoy a decent lunch.

The circumstances under which Frank Makanuey of Port Moresby met the motuan lady pulls at the heartstrings, but he was determined to return the favour, no matter what.

Read on as he recounts his remarkable encounter as a school boy many years ago.