Morobe Governor Kasiga Kelly Naru

Naru pays youths to open road

He also gave some money to the youths and told them not to harass the travelling public.

"This is a national highway and I appeal to all of you not to harass or humiliate the public and contractors who come to repair the bridge,” urged Governor Naru.

“Refrain from this as I am giving you some money and want this road to be opened."

Naru gave K10,000 (K5,000 each) to both Wampit and Timini youths.

He said people from Bulolo and Menyamya districts are their people and they must not be threatened; they should be able to move around freely.

Heavy downpour isolates Morobe districts

Continuous rain has swept away a section of the Warabung Bridge at the border of Huon Gulf and Bulolo districts.

The gap was 4 metres apart and 5 metres deep. However, another heavy downpour on Sunday night widened the opening to 8 metres.

Morobe Governor Kasiga Kelly Naru visited the scene on Monday and appealed to the people not to demand unnecessarily from authorities.

He also said these roads are national roads and they should not capitalise on the situation by extorting money from travelers.

Lae roundabouts light up

The roundabouts at Milfordhaven near Mobil Service Station, 7th St and Kangaroo Road at Market have been alight since last week.

This is the fourth Christmas that these roundabouts were decorated with Christmas decorations, made possible by the office of Morobe Governor Kasiga Kelly Naru.

Families gather there every night, taking pictures with their friends.

These attractions will be there throughout the festive period.

Brian Bell opens in Lae

Morobe Governor Kasiga Kelly Naru was the official guest who cut the ribbon with three other senior employees, witnessed by the business communities and stakeholders.

"I congratulate Brian Bell for the business confidence it has in Lae with the mammoth store. Lae is the business hub and that is the reason why Brian Bell rose from the ashes," Naru said.

Three senior employees were invited to cut the ribbon with the Governor.

Ume Ahi, Julie Usatwen and Sheila Gori served more than 20 years each with Brian Bell.

Naru thanks Tigers for winning the 2016 Digicel Cup

Naru said after three solid years in waiting, they have made it through and commended the team for putting up a spiritual fight with a convincing 14-8 victory over reigning premiers, Rabaul Agmark Gurias.

"We have come after four elusive years. Credit to all our players, coach and team officials. Big thank you to our major Lae Biscuit Company and all the other supporting sponsors.

"With that, all praise and thanks to God."