Milne Bay Governor

Milne Bay leaders work to curb rising lawlessness

The Governor said the Province has changed from a once peaceful town into a dangerous area following rising criminal activity.

Recently several houses were burnt to the ground and a woman fatally shot after police and criminals exchanged gunfire at Kitava Compound in Alotau.

Governor Crittin said the issues in Alotau stem from a growing population in search of opportunities.

However amongst them are opportunities resulting in a spike in criminal activity.

Parliamentarians must be leaders: Milne Bay Governor

The Opposition sponsored VONC will be the only business when Parliament sits at 10am tomorrow.  

“Leadership should be based on the quality in decision making, and people (parliamentarians) should be making their own decisions without being influenced by others.

“And we at the Opposition stand for this strong stable leadership, because the Peoples Progress Party stands for strong (and) stable leadership,” Philemon said.

The Milne Bay Governor’s province has been hosting the Government camp for the last few days as they do soul some searching before the VONC.