Reconciliation to bring peace

Since taking office, Governor Ramsey Pariwa is determined to address this law and order issue using traditional peace building concepts.   

Governor for Madang, Ramsey Pariwa has strongly demanded for youths causing lawlessness in the Trans-Gogol LLG in Madang district to drop their weapons and turn to worthwhile activities to sustain their lives.

Police deployed to Pindiu

In early February, locals in Quenzenzeng Village were attacked over the beheading of a member of their community. During that time, two men were burnt to death in a house, many were injured while 18 houses were razed to the ground.

In response, the Morobe PPHQ deployed a team on Saturday morning.

Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent Jacob Singura, said the team is now making its way from Gagidu Station to Pindiu.

Women’s group outraged by Porgera killing

The deceased had sustained gun and knife wounds, believed to be caused by her tribal enemies from Tari.

PDWA President Sarah Erasi described the killing as completely unacceptable.

“How many more women and children should die like this? There is even more fear in our women and mothers because the law and order situation is now out of control, to a level where we are now being killed like animals as if our lives do not matter. This has to stop,” Erasi pleaded.

Leaders call on Govt to address Porgera lawlessness

This follows the killing of a woman and clashes between illegal miners at the Porgera gold mine site.

Porgera mine operator, Barrick Niugini, has also called for Government intervention.

On Sunday 23rd December, 2019, the Porgera Mine security personnel and Royal PNG Constabulary officers recovered the body of a woman who died of significant injuries, including gunshot wounds. These injuries were allegedly caused by tribal enemies from Tari in Hela Province.

Milne Bay leaders work to curb rising lawlessness

The Governor said the Province has changed from a once peaceful town into a dangerous area following rising criminal activity.

Recently several houses were burnt to the ground and a woman fatally shot after police and criminals exchanged gunfire at Kitava Compound in Alotau.

Governor Crittin said the issues in Alotau stem from a growing population in search of opportunities.

However amongst them are opportunities resulting in a spike in criminal activity.

New Ireland leaders issue warning to outsiders

As a result, the New Ireland Provincial Government has kicked off a series of awareness programs on lawlessness in public areas.
The first outreach was staged on July 7th at the Kavieng town market.

Speaking at the event was the Chief executive officer for administration and Public order, Roboam Paka, and First secretary to the Governor, Robin Brown.

Officer Paka said by nature New Irelanders are very peaceful people, but people from outside have brought in with them their criminal behaviour.

Madang’s first step in tackling lawlessness: MP

Madang MP Bryan Kramer says one of his 2017 election campaign policy was to address urban drift, hence the exercise.

Once known as the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’, Madang town has now become one of the most notorious centres in the country.

Now into its second week, the social mapping program was rolled out to address the escalating urban drift and lawlessness that has plagued the once peaceful town.

“We’ve started social mapping…up to 300 houses already in one area of Madang where there’s a settlement that turned up in the last 5 years on church land,” stated Kramer.