Dane Cook responds to Miley Cyrus romance rumors

When asked about the reports flying around of his alleged hookups with singer Miley Cyrus, the comedian advised E! News to get her gussied up for a date tonight.

"I'm always the last to know these things," the actor remarked. "Just let Miley know that I'll pick her up for dinner at 8."

Mexico says 8 citizens died in Egypt

The deaths of two Mexicans had earlier been confirmed, bringing the total number of Mexicans killed to eight.

Six other Mexicans were injured in the attack. There 14 or 15 Mexicans who traveling on a desert oasis tour at the time.

Egyptian forces hunting militants in the country's western desert mistakenly opened fire on several vehicles used by Mexican tourists, killing 12 people on Sunday.

The other dead are believed to be Egyptians.

Colombia seizes 2 metric tons of cocaine on Mexico flights

Police in Bogota's El Dorado airport were tipped off when a drug-sniffing dog detected the narcotics hidden in 48 boxes of a 1-metric ton cargo shipment bound for a company in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. Authorities alerted their Mexican counterparts, who then found a similar amount sent a few hours earlier on a flight to Mexico City.

Colombia is the largest supplier of cocaine to the U.S. and much of the narcotic lands on American streets through Mexican drug cartels.

Police find 7 bodies dumped on roadside in southern Mexico

Puebla state police said late Thursday the victims were not killed at the spot where they were dumped.

Puebla authorities said they were cooperating with Veracruz officials in the investigation of the deaths.

They said there had been no reports of the disappearance of that number of people in Puebla, strongly implying the victims were killed in another state.

Reputed gang leader, reporter, 4 others killed in Mexico

The Veracruz state prosecutors' office said the gunmen entered the bar and went directly for the victims, who included the local boss of the Zetas drug gang, identified as Jose Marquez Balderas. 

It said reporter Juan Santos Carrera was among those sitting with him.

Two other reporters in the bar were not shot, but were fired by their newspaper for being at the scene with the local cartel boss.

Amnesty: Mexico bodies report highlights 'shocking' crisis

The international human rights watchdog calls the situation "shocking" — not only in the state of Guerrero, where the students disappeared last September, but also elsewhere in Mexico.

Amnesty's statement Monday came in response to an AP report the previous day in which federal officials said the bodies had been found in 60 clandestine graves over the last 10 months.

Mexico rights group: Errors, omissions in case of 43 missing

The commission, in a report issued Thursday, said Mexican authorities failed to follow lines of investigation and neglected the needs of the victims to an extent that constitutes violations of human rights.

The report lists key people and evidence — including a cellphone message from one student after he was kidnapped — that were never pursued in the Sept. 26 attacks in the southern city of Iguala.

DEA chief confident escaped drug lord will be found again

DEA's deputy administrator Jack Riley said Thursday that the last week has been a flurry of work speaking with his Mexican counterparts and helping direct U.S. efforts to capture one of the world's most prolific and violent drug lords for the third time in 15 years.

"This guy caused me one of the best days and worst days of my life in a span of a year," Riley told The Associated Press. "We are doing everything we can to track him down, much like we did a year or so ago when we hooked him."

US offers full support to Mexico to capture drug lord

The White House says U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke with Mexico's attorney general on Sunday. That's the day after Guzman escaped from a maximum-security prison through a tunnel, setting off a massive manhunt.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest says the U.S. government is offering its full support to Mexico. He's pointing out that Guzman has also been charged with serious crimes in the U.S.

Update: 70 evacuated as Colima volcano spews ash in western Mexico

The volcano began erupting on Thursday and has become increasingly active, leading officials to relocate people from Yerbabuena and other communities in the municipality of Comala.

Civil protection officials described the volcano's movements as "atypical," a kind of activity not seen since it underwent a strong eruption in 1913.