Germany coach: Retaining Cup won’t be easy

Germany coach Maren Meinert admitted that it’s not going to be an easy task because all teams came well prepared.

Meinert said they will take one game at a time and stay focused in order to win the tournament.

After defeating Venezuela 3-1 at their first match on Monday, Meinert said that she expected exactly the type of challenge put up by Venezuela because she knew they can play very good football.

The coach revealed that even though they’re the defending champions, they’re still a new team with different players compared to the last World Cup in Canada 2014.

Korea Republic goes down to Mexico 2-0

The last time they met was during the final group-stage game at Canada in 2014 where the Asian side secured a crucial 2-1 victory.

This time, Mexico had the upper hand with more technique.

Mexico scored through Jacqueline Crowther and Kiana Palacios both in the second half.

The first half was a tough encounter where both teams displayed tough defense.

Mexico had more possession of the ball right throughout the match while Korea Republic only had 44 percent ball possession.

Defending champion Germany takes to field today

Group D kicks off with an exciting clash between heavyweights Germany and Venezuela.

The three times champion will be aiming to retain the title as they kick-off their World Cup campaign while Venezuela will be making their debut.

The match will commence at 4pm at the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby.

The Germans will be making their sixth appearance in this World Cup, and have included five players in their squad who played at the last World Cup in Canada.

Mexico City stages first Day of the Dead parade

Mexican tourism officials say the inspiration came from the opening scenes in last year's James Bond film, Spectre, which was shot in the city.

Bond is seen chasing a villain through crowds watching a parade of people in skeleton outfits.

It is hoped the new parade will attract more tourists to the city.

Mexicans traditionally celebrate the Day of the Dead with a family picnic beside their relatives' graves or in front of a decorated shrine at home.

Cheran: The town that threw out police, politicians and gangsters

Led by local women, the people of Cheran rose up to defend their forest from armed loggers - and kicked out police and politicians at the same time.

The women met in secret to make their plans. They were sickened by the killings and kidnaps that had become routine and angered by the masked men who roamed their town demanding extortion payments from small businesses. And for more than three years they had watched, indignant, as truck after truck trundled past their homes piled high with freshly cut logs.

Mexico: Thousands protest against same-sex marriage proposal

Organisers said they were not opposed to gay or lesbian rights, but wanted to defend family values and the institution of marriage.

The demonstrators called for a meeting with President Enrique Pena Nieto.

Gay and lesbian activists staged rival protests.

Public opinion in Mexico, a predominantly Roman Catholic nation, has been split since Mr Pena Nieto announced in May plans to change the constitution.

Same-sex marriages are legal in some Mexican states, but Mr Pena Nieto wants it to be allowed across the country.

Son of drug lord 'El Chapo' Guzman kidnapped in Mexico

They say Jesus Alfredo Guzman, 29, was one of six members of the Sinaloa Cartel seized by members of a rival gang, Jalisco New Generation.

The incident took place at a restaurant in the resort city of Puerto Vallarta .

Guzman, who is now in jail, had led the Sinaloa Cartel for years. Jesus Alfredo is suspected to be a senior member.

The 29-year-old is wanted on drugs charges by the US.

The US also wants Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman to be extradited to the US on charges of smuggling vast amounts of drugs into the country.

Mexico prison riot leaves 52 dead near Monterrey

Nuevo Leon state Governor Jaime Rodriguez said 12 other people were injured in Topo Chico jail after prisoners fought with "sharp weapons, bats and sticks".

A fire was also started in a storage room. Officials say the situation is under control and no inmates escaped.

Crowds of relatives outside the jail blocked roads, demanding information.

Some threw sticks and rocks and tried to pull the prison gate open as riot police blocked their way.

"They haven't told us anything," said the mother of one inmate, who gave her name only as Ernestina.

Justin Bieber asked to leave Mexico's Tulum ruin site

The official of the National Institute of Anthropology and History spoke on condition of anonymity because he or she was not authorized to be quoted by name.

Bieber was visiting the seaside ruins on Thursday when the incident occurred.

The official could not specify which of the site's structures Bieber allegedly had climbed, but said he was "asked to leave."

Visitors can climb some pre-Hispanic pyramids in Mexico, but officials rope off or place 'no entry' signs on some ruins that are considered vulnerable or unstable.

Temporary ban on tuna fishing in the Pacific

The changes, it explained, are in line with the resolutions of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC), of which Mexico is a party.

This measure also applies to boats from the Mexican flagged purse seine fleet fishing for these species in the high seas and in foreign jurisdictional waters that are in the IATTC regulated area.