Marine Protected Areas

The island way of addressing climate change

The Mbuke islanders have silently suffered the long term effects of climate change, caused by global warming, for over five decades now.

With a population of 420, the people have seen and experienced the effects of climate change since the 70s, affecting their way of life including food security and water supply.

Former WWF marine officer and local environmentalist Selarn Kaluwin highlighted that over the years, the villagers have tried to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Pato calls for support from super countries

Pato informed the Conference that the Leaders of the Pacific made great contribution in helping to bring the world together in París to address the most important challenge of their times.

He said: “now, we need your support to address the challenges facing our islands. We are industrious people. We are fishing nations and islands. Our tuna stock feed Europe and the United States with more than 40 % of world tuna supply coming from the Waters of the Pacific Island Countries”.