Manus Assylum Seekers

Non-genuine refugees seek to stop deportation

Their lawyer Ben Lomai filed the application on Monday, February 27 seeking that order.

The matter came for mention today before Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia who adjourned it to March 8 because the state was short served the application.

The court also made an indication that the application will go before a three-man Supreme Court bench.

PNG Government plays down Manus violence

A PNG detention centre guard was allegedly murdered after being bashed and drowned at the weekend and another PNG worker lost his hand in a separate machete attack.

There's also claims three Australian expat workers allegedly drugged and gang raped a local woman earlier in July.

Local authorities are angry the trio have been flown back to Australia before an investigation, and a peak Australian lawyers body fears there's been a cover up.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Peter O'Neill said the incidents were not a reflection of the island's safety.

Murder and rape claims involving PNG asylum camp staff

There has also been the alleged rape of a camp worker and another local guard had his hand severed.

The violence has prompted the Australian Greens to say Manus is in meltdown.

The Manus Province police commander, Alex N'Drasal, says the dead man, who had been drinking home brew, was attacked by locals in a settlement near the camp.

He says another man, who had also been drinking, had his hand cut off in the town on Saturday.

That man is currently in intensive care at Lorengau Hospital.