legal action

States sue Trump administration

Democratic attorneys general from states including Washington, New York and California launched the lawsuit.

The legal action objects to the policy of refusing entry to asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border.

Meanwhile, Vice-President Mike Pence has warned undocumented immigrants not to "risk the lives of your children" by trying to enter the US illegally.

At a news conference in Brazil, Mr Pence said he had a message "straight from my heart" for those planning a journey to America: "If you can't come legally, don't come at all."

US judge orders 30yo to move out of parents' home

A New York judge has ordered 30-year-old Michael Rotondo to move out of his family home after his parents spent several months trying to evict him. 

The Tuesday hearing only lasted 30 minutes and saw Mr Rotondo argue that he needed six months notice before his parents could kick him out.

"I am just so outraged," he told the outside of court. 

Mr Rotondo's parents, from Syracuse, had given their son five eviction letters in an attempt to get him to leave.  

Wife launches legal action in MH370 mystery

Danica Weeks waved goodbye with her two young children to her 38-year-old husband Paul Weeks on March 8, 2014, as he headed for a flight to take him to work at a Mongolian mine site.

The New Zealander would board Malaysia Airline flight MH370 in Kuala Lumpur for the next leg of the flight to Beijing.

But that airline, along with its 239 passengers, disappeared into thin air and has never been found.

Pacific Games Council to begin legal action against Tonga next year


Tahiti is suspended after they boycotted the Vanuatu Mini Games over disagreements on who should represent them in boxing.

Pacific Games Council CEO Andrew Minogue say both decisions reflect the council's mandate for autonomy in sports without political interference.

"We'll go through a process with them in the early part of next year hopefully, to try and reach some agreements around the respective independence and autonomy of the sporting body.

Samoa now has the hosting rights for the 2019 Pacific Games.


Blac Chyna sues the Kardashian family

She claims the "vindictive" family wants to destroy her.

Blac Chyna's attorney confirmed to the BBC that Kris Jenner is named as a defendant in the lawsuit, along with Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

A representative acting on behalf of the Kardashians has not yet responded to the BBC's request for comment.

The lawsuit follows the break-up of Blac Chyna's relationship with Rob Kardashian, during which time they had a daughter.

Fuel operator prosecuted for overcharging customers

This is the first legal action taken by the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) against a fuel station operator.

“For a very long time we have been trying our best to get our fuel station operators to comply with the requirements of ICCC or Price Regulation Act, by not charging consumers above the price set by ICCC,” said Paulus Ain, ICCC chief executive officer.  

“We try our best here at ICCC that the fuel prices charged or set are fair and reasonable, and consumers and businesses can afford.”

Juffa vows legal action on inept officers

Juffa issued the warning saying inept, incompetent and unqualified officers are politicising the budget and delaying it before the writs are issued so as to paint a bad picture of him.

And the price paid was people’s misery and suffering, placing lives at great risk.

Juffa said the delay hindered the delivery of vital Government programs including the health and education subsidies and sponsorship of tertiary students.

The wages of many vital staff who relied on the provinces internal revenue especially health workers, are also being affected.