Fuel operator prosecuted for overcharging customers

​A fuel station operator was successfully prosecuted for double charging consumers.

This is the first legal action taken by the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) against a fuel station operator.

“For a very long time we have been trying our best to get our fuel station operators to comply with the requirements of ICCC or Price Regulation Act, by not charging consumers above the price set by ICCC,” said Paulus Ain, ICCC chief executive officer.  

“We try our best here at ICCC that the fuel prices charged or set are fair and reasonable, and consumers and businesses can afford.”

Ain also warned fuel operators to comply with new fuel prices issued every month.  

“This year we have taken one operator to Court and we have succeeded and this is the message we want to inform the good operators throughout the country.”

He also appealed to the public to report any fuel station operators who overcharge consumers.

Ain said the public can report to ICCC regional offices or also at provincial development offices, where the commission has an agreement with.

Charles Yapumi