John Paska

Village chief refutes Paska’s statements

Demas Kavavu was responding to General Secretary of the PNG Trade Union Congress, John Paska, who said the so-called “bilas peles” has very little to show for the bilas.

However, Kavavu says New Ireland Province, under the leadership of Governor Sir Julius Chan, is soaring ahead to build a firm legacy in the implementation of its unique development policies, placing New Irelanders well ahead of other provinces.

Teachers association challenges TUC

This was the warning given by the PNG Teachers Association President Ugwalubu Mowana when speaking to media about what he termed was the irresponsible response given by the Trade Union Congress general secretary John Paska.

Paska was reacting to the issue of unions failing to pay the affiliation fees to the PNG Trade Union Congress.

Mowana expressed concern that the Congress was no longer functioning which is evident by the escalating issues that have never been advocated for by the TUC in the numerous public sector unions.