Teachers association challenges TUC

The PNG Trade Union Congress is being called on to hold its the bi-annual congress meeting and appoint certified executives as per its constitution or face a forced take over.

This was the warning given by the PNG Teachers Association President Ugwalubu Mowana when speaking to media about what he termed was the irresponsible response given by the Trade Union Congress general secretary John Paska.

Paska was reacting to the issue of unions failing to pay the affiliation fees to the PNG Trade Union Congress.

Mowana expressed concern that the Congress was no longer functioning which is evident by the escalating issues that have never been advocated for by the TUC in the numerous public sector unions.

Issues such as the police union members pay debacle, the CIS Saga with the commissioners, Unfunded state liability towards the contribution to Nambawan Super.

The three hundred million over the last few years for the public sector workers have not be addressed by TUC, which was why the Public Sector unions have risen up to write to the Chief Secretary to raise their concerns.

The recent forum of the Coalition of Unions gathering is also another signal that symbolises that the PNGTUC is not active.

He says that four years down the track, there has been no bi-annual congress which states in the PNG TUC Constitution must take place.

There is also no permanent executive board of the TUC which Mowana says, shows that the current board is not legitimate and should refrain from holding that office.

The only thing the executives can do right now to get authority is too hold the Congress meet that Mowana is proposing for the second week of April ahead of International Labour day set for May 1.

As of this afternoon Mowana says that official reports of concern highlighting this issue will be flagged to all international union affiliates documenting this issue towards the PNG TUC.

He says that come April, if nothing is done, PNGTA and its other affiliated unions will force for a congress with or without the interim board on grounds of illegitimacy and appoint a new board so that they can set up a secretariat that can help organise and fight for the unions in place.

Julianna Waeda