Duo guilty of misappropriating PNGTA monies

Andrick Yangro and Joan Kalama were convicted for misappropriating a total of K138,226.10 between the months of May and July in 2016.

Yangro was caretaker administration officer while Kalama was Chairperson of the board.

They were appointed on the interim board following the suspension of PNGTA l General Secretary Ugwalubu Mowana.  

The National Court reinstated Mowana on 21 July 2016.

That evening, around 7pm, Yangro got the payroll officer and took them to the PNGTA office to process payroll for the staff, an amount of K98,000.

PNGTA concerned

They highlighted these fears in relation to when the Teachers Pay verification starts in March or April following cross checking with the Teachers Resumption of Duty Forms.

PNGTA National General Secretary, Ugwalubu Mowana, raised this concern as Provincial Education Advisors meet at the March Girls Resort this week for a Workshop.

Among the agendas are issues surrounding the “Teachers Resumption Duty Forms”. 

Still no response for teachers

No official response has yet to be made from the PNG Teachers Commission and other related Government agencies including the Chief Secretary, Isaac Lupari.

PNG Teachers Association National General Secretary, Ugwalubu Mowana said while they acknowledge the current cash flow issue the country is going through, they need to convene another meeting to address this.

'Love Your Nature Park' winners announced

Two lucky winners each received a night’s accommodation at the Grand Papua Hotel.

The winners were 13-year-old Lomot Pambuai and four- year-old Maxvyl Kenden after their names were randomly drawn by Coral Sea Hotel representative Dinah Pupun.

TSC taken to task over ‘foul-play’ over salaries

Alex Tui of Hos Elementary School outside the provincial capital Mendi, complained bitterly that many teachers PNG-wide “are really suffering” because certain officers in TSC and DoE, both in head office and provinces were failing to perform their duties professionally and responsibly as expected.

Tui urged TSC Chairman Baran Sori and Acting Secretary for Education, Dr Uke Kombra to start disciplining all responsible officers who failed to submit vital information to the salaries section thereby causing salary discrepancies and anomalies.

Teachers association challenges TUC

This was the warning given by the PNG Teachers Association President Ugwalubu Mowana when speaking to media about what he termed was the irresponsible response given by the Trade Union Congress general secretary John Paska.

Paska was reacting to the issue of unions failing to pay the affiliation fees to the PNG Trade Union Congress.

Mowana expressed concern that the Congress was no longer functioning which is evident by the escalating issues that have never been advocated for by the TUC in the numerous public sector unions.

Schools reforms in 2016

This year will see the introduction of the Standard Base Education (SBE) and abolition of grade 8 and 10 exams.  

The Government in 2014 abolished the Outcome Based Education (OBE) system.

PNG Teachers Association (PNGTA) president Tommy Hecko said in a statement, “It is imperative that the National Government and its agencies, particularly the Department of Education and Teachers Services Commission effectively monitor and implement the SBE curriculum.

“The effectiveness and success of the SBE depends on a number of factors.