PNG Trade Union Congress

PNGTUC welcomes Sawang’s appointment

“With great pleasure, on behalf of the workers of PNG, extend our warm welcome to Kessy Sawang, on her appointment as the Minister in charge of a key economic ministry in government,” said Clemence Kanau, the General Secretary for the PNGTUC.

“This is the first time in over three decades a government in PNG has appointed an elected women leader to a key economic ministry, a win for women in PNG. This is a milestone appointment for women in politics, and so we give due credit to the Marape-Rosso government for its wisdom in appointing Kessy Sawang,” Kanau added.

PNGTUC Supports PM’s Call

The Employers' Federation of PNG (EFPNG) has supported this call in their circular dated August 20th, 2021.

Both the PM and EFPNG agreed that employers have the right to make their workplace safe for their employees. They stressed that the individuals' human rights are "qualified rights" which must be exercised within the context of the rights of others around them.

PNGTUC slams housing policy

The PNGTUC Assistant General Secretary, Anton P Sekum said in 1968, in response to the rapid increase in the urban population and settlement formation, the National Housing Commission (NHC) was set up by Australian administration following a recommendation by the World Bank.

“In 1974, the NHC was given the responsibility for implementing a self-help-scheme which included recognizing existing settlements as part of urban activity that needed improvement, upgrading of settlements on a self-help-basis and developing new settlements in conjunction with employment opportunities.

Village chief refutes Paska’s statements

Demas Kavavu was responding to General Secretary of the PNG Trade Union Congress, John Paska, who said the so-called “bilas peles” has very little to show for the bilas.

However, Kavavu says New Ireland Province, under the leadership of Governor Sir Julius Chan, is soaring ahead to build a firm legacy in the implementation of its unique development policies, placing New Irelanders well ahead of other provinces.