Ijivitari By election

Ousted MP Arore leads in Ijivitari poll

The count of the primary votes concluded over the weekend and this week, eliminations began and are continuing.

At around midnight last night after exclusion 16, Mr David Arore was leading with 7,602 votes.

United Resource Party candidate and early leader, John Warisan continues to trail in second spot with 5,034 votes.

Incidentally, Mr. Warisan was the complainant in the election bribery case that ousted Mr Arore.

Ousted member wrestles lead in Ijivitari by election

Arore, who is the candidate for the ruling People’s National Congress Party (“PNC”), wrestled the lead from United Resource Party candidate John Warisan, who had led since counting began.

After the completion of Count 23, Arore leads with 4378 votes.

Count 23 to 27 are for ballot boxes within the Afore LLG area, known stronghold for Arore.

He is therefore expected to build up a significant lead.

Another candidate, Sheldon Deilalah is also from the Afore LLG and is also expected to fare well.

Counting continues for Ijivitari

The ballot boxes counted to date are from the Urban LLG and the Oro Bay LLG.

In count 16, United Resource Party candidate, polled 181 votes to further extend his lead to 3442 votes.

Independent candidate Sheldon Deilalah has moved into second place with 2802 votes.

Ousted Member, David Arore who was trailing in second spot during the counting of the ballot boxes in Urban LLG has slipped down to third spot with 2684 votes.

Counting has proceeded to Tufi LLG. There are altogether five (5) ballot boxes in the Tufi LLG.

Polling ends for Ijivitari by-election

Attempts to speak to the Returning Officer who is also the Assistant Manager of the PNG Electoral Commission in the Oro Province, were unsuccessful but it is understood that the last seven (7) boxes from Tufi LLG arrived in Popondetta yesterday afternoon and were taken straight to the Popondetta Police Station and locked up with the rest of the ballot boxes.