Gumine District

Gumine lockup gets help from Authority

 Jail Commander Corporal Joe Kaupa said so far the district has helped them to rehabilitate prisoners.

"The Gumine District Administrations has looked after us with logistics and resources. These include the purchase of a new Toyota Land Cruiser and the renovation of the lockup, “he told Loop PNG this week.

Corporal Kaupa said there are two lock-ups in the province. The other one is at Coglme, in the Kundiawa/Gembogl electorate.

Kuman assures people of Gumine on service delivery

The Supreme Court review case against Kuman by former MP Lucas Dekena is officially over after the decision was made by Justice Higgins on Monday, May 16.

Justice Higgins dismissed a slip rule application filed by Dekena for the review of the National Court decision of the recount of ballot boxes resulting in the win of Kuman.

The ruling in favour of Kuman is the culmination of the legal battle Kuman took against Dekena, who was declared winner of Gumine electorate after the 2012 national elections.