Kuman assures people of Gumine on service delivery

Gumine MP Nick Kuman has assured the people in his electorate in the Chimbu Province that service delivery will be more effective following the end of his lengthy court battle.

The Supreme Court review case against Kuman by former MP Lucas Dekena is officially over after the decision was made by Justice Higgins on Monday, May 16.

Justice Higgins dismissed a slip rule application filed by Dekena for the review of the National Court decision of the recount of ballot boxes resulting in the win of Kuman.

The ruling in favour of Kuman is the culmination of the legal battle Kuman took against Dekena, who was declared winner of Gumine electorate after the 2012 national elections.

Kuman said the Supreme Court decision is good news for his people, the district and other stakeholders involved in service delivery and stable leadership.

He said Gumine has missed out on the first two years of District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) rollout due to the court case.

Some of the impact projects included the K2.6 million economy stimulus programs, K3 million rural housing, road infrastructure programs, schools and health support program and transport.

“Finally, the people of Gumine can have confidence in me for continuity of services into 2016 which capture the O’Neill-Dion’s Government priorities and policies,” Kuman said.

He said the 2014-2015 district development projects worth K21.5 million, which are being rolled out, would end smoothly for the benefit of the people.

Quintina Naime