Gulf Governor Havila Kavo

Duma: PNG has policies in place to protect resources

Duma was responding to questions raised by Gulf Governor Havila Kavo on policy guidelines to protect resources.

Kavo highlighted that many of our natural resources can be processed, extracted and developed into finished products in the country.

He asked if the Government has a defined industrialisation policy in place to process many of our natural resources like hydrocarbons, minerals, timbers, marine and all the energy resources. 

In response, Duma confirmed that there are many policies that are developed and promoted by various government departments.

Kavo says to withdraw logging operator from Gulf

“We will not entertain RH to do our logging here in Gulf,” he said during Kerema’s Independence Day celebrations last Friday.

“We want good managers of our resources, funds, public servants must be loyal and committed to the people, ensure they are able to go to the remote areas to work with the people.

“We will not sit back and beg or bespectators in our own land, we must stand up.

Gulf contributed a lot to PNG, says Kavo

Governor Havila Kavo, in his 41st independence anniversary messages to his people in Kerema town last Friday, said Gulf has contributed two prime ministers, two deputy prime ministers and three Governor-Generals to develop this great nation for prosperity.

Kavo said Gulf leaders were not selfish but concentrated more on national issues to develop PNG.

He said if they concentrated more on Gulf, the province would be more developed than the rest of the provinces in PNG.  

Gulf supports PM, says Kavo

“Gulf Province has moved since this Government came into power,” Kavo told Loop PNG before leaving for Milne Bay Province on Sunday.

“The Government has recognised the needs of the province and has given a lot of funds for infrastructural rehabilitation programs; roads, bridges, schools, administration blocks and many more.

“As long as the Government remains, we will have the province transformed into what it should be.”

Kavo told Loop that he and O’Neill are the senior members of the People’s National Congress (PNC) Party.

Court grants Kavo bail

Kavo was refused bail since his arrest by police on Wednesday and made his first appearance in court in relation to the second charge on Friday.

He was granted K5, 000 bail by Magistrate Cosmos Bidar.

The second charge against Kavo alleges that he dishonestly applied to his use K783, 195.70 -monies belonging to the state between January 15 and 27, 2015.

His second alleged offense comes after he was granted bail by the Supreme Court on December 23, 2015 on a pervious misappropriation charge.