Duma: PNG has policies in place to protect resources

Minister for State Owned Enterprises William Duma assured in Parliament on Friday that there were many policies in place to protect the country’s resources from being exploited.

Duma was responding to questions raised by Gulf Governor Havila Kavo on policy guidelines to protect resources.

Kavo highlighted that many of our natural resources can be processed, extracted and developed into finished products in the country.

He asked if the Government has a defined industrialisation policy in place to process many of our natural resources like hydrocarbons, minerals, timbers, marine and all the energy resources. 

In response, Duma confirmed that there are many policies that are developed and promoted by various government departments.

He said the Ministry for State Owned Enterprises has no control over these policies.

Duma said however, when it comes to investing they have the resource and the policy to invest and help those departments go down the path of industrialisation.

Quintina Naime