White House Commends Manning

United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, acted as the emissary in presenting this special token on behalf of the White House. The gift served as a tribute to the remarkable efforts that contributed to the safe and successful outcome of the summit.

Commissioner Manning expressed his overwhelming gratitude for the gesture, applauding the members of the security forces for their exemplary performance.

Now is the perfect time to shop

Not to spoil the fun but many shops have Mother’s Day specials going on.

This means you get the opportunity to buy for yourself many products at special price discount or special gift hampers at low price.

But importantly, don’t forget your mother.

Many children and fathers are out hunting today to treat the special lady of the house.

Some are celebrating today, others are tomorrow.

But the occasion has had stores full since early this morning.

Loop PNG lifestyle visited Vision City this morning to a packed crowd.