Future Leaders’ Summit

Be critical and open minded

During the event yesterday in Port Moresby, Baki said networking and collaboration between the various military, police and line government agencies is the key to a secure and safer future for everyone.

The Future Leaders’ Summit is an initiative of the South Pacific Defence Ministers’ Meeting. It is a biannual event designed to bring together young military, police and civilian leaders from Australia Chile, France, New Zealand, Tonga and Papua New Guinea to talk about defence and security issues facing the Pacific.

Young officers urged to work together

The officers are attending the Future Leaders’ Summit in Port Moresby.

Minister Mirisim, when speaking at the welcome dinner, told the young officers that it is extremely important to work together, and more closely.

He said the region is now the focus of global attention because of its vast marine, mineral and agriculture resources, including our human capital.

The Future Leaders’ Summit was attended by young officers from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga, with representatives from France and Chile.