Be critical and open minded

Commissioner of Police, Gari Baki, has challenged the participants of the Future Leaders’ Summit to be critical and open minded.

During the event yesterday in Port Moresby, Baki said networking and collaboration between the various military, police and line government agencies is the key to a secure and safer future for everyone.

The Future Leaders’ Summit is an initiative of the South Pacific Defence Ministers’ Meeting. It is a biannual event designed to bring together young military, police and civilian leaders from Australia Chile, France, New Zealand, Tonga and Papua New Guinea to talk about defence and security issues facing the Pacific.

According to Commissioner Baki, the South Pacific is facing evolving challenges where it requires leaders’ cooperation and passion.

Commissioner Baki said such an event is a key avenue for leaders of tomorrow to begin what will become a career-long process of discussing how they (leaders) can together and collectively face those evolving challenges.

"As future leaders you must be critical and open minded. Do not be set in your ways, open up and allow other’s views to sink in and you may learn one or two new things," Commissioner Baki said.

The Police Commissioner also thanked the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for their continuous support in the country.

He urged the participants to take time to get to know each other and begin building relationships now so that they can do their jobs effectively in the future.

Baki also added that the future leaders must be committed and disciplined.

This week the participants of the Summit will be discussing a number of areas for cooperative efforts between the various agencies and governments, including civil-military-police cooperation, whole of government planning, major events security, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief as well as emerging regional security threats.

(File pic of Gari Baki)

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