Fraud trial

Land sale backfires

Girigi Goasa Mose is facing misappropriation charges over allegations she dishonestly applied to her use and the use of others K120,000.  

From Kirakira village, she acted as an agent on behalf of her family and clan to sell a piece of customary land in Taurama for K150,000 to JDM Ltd in 2009.

Seven installments totaling K120,000 was paid by JDM Ltd to her, between November 1 2009 and February 2011. 

The initial sale agreement was for K150,000, but that was increased to K275,000 in November of 2010.

Fraud trial: Lodge owner gives evidence

Mose Kopyoto owns Kopyoto Investments Ltd, the company that runs Lodge 10 in Port Moresby.

In 2015, four men received services from his lodge upon presentation of fake cheques, defrauding him of cash while pretending to be employees of the Department of National Planning.

Three of those four men are now standing trial at the National Court.

Nelson Aila of Goimga village, Malalaua District, Gulf Province, Murray Willie of Warakum in the Western Highlands Province and their co-accused, Simon Nokue, are currently standing trial in court.