Man charged with forgery

Yam Siang Yeoh, 47, was arrested and charged by Police for falsely changing the shareholders of WP Kampani Limited and appointing himself as the Director.

Manning Warns Against online Forgery

Manning warned that those engaging in the falsification of police documents would face grave legal repercussions, including potential penalties of up to K100,000 in fines and a staggering 25 years of imprisonment.

Fraud trial: Lodge owner gives evidence

Mose Kopyoto owns Kopyoto Investments Ltd, the company that runs Lodge 10 in Port Moresby.

In 2015, four men received services from his lodge upon presentation of fake cheques, defrauding him of cash while pretending to be employees of the Department of National Planning.

Three of those four men are now standing trial at the National Court.

Nelson Aila of Goimga village, Malalaua District, Gulf Province, Murray Willie of Warakum in the Western Highlands Province and their co-accused, Simon Nokue, are currently standing trial in court.

Man gets 3 years for forging ex-wife’s signature

That prison term can be suspended if George Steven of Ali island, Aitape, West Sepik, facilitates the return of the said property at PTC housing estate at Waigani, to his former wife, Ekson Aquila.

He will also avoid custodial sentence if he repays K30,000 within 12 months from today to the man who purchased the property from him in 2000.

He is also to keep good behaviour for the next two years.

These terms were given to him in court yesterday if he wants the court to suspend that sentence of three years in prison. He has 12 months to do so.