Finance Secretary

Govt accounts to close on Dec 11

Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan says there will be no exception for extensions; closure will be on Monday, 4:06pm.

Dr Ngangan told this newsroom that for the last few years, the Finance Department had been relaxed, which resulted in lax measures.

However, this year will be different as strict measures are in place to monitor this.

He added that now that all government departments are on Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS), it makes his job much easier as he will just switch the system off and all balances will be reverted to zero.

TIPNG applauds Ngangan for ‘tightening controls’

“It is welcoming to see stringent requirements are now in place to document, validate, verify and authenticate Government cheques by way of Purchase Orders, Authority to Pre-commit Expenditure (APC) or an Integrated Local Purchase Order and Claim (ILPOC), to assure accountability of Government spending,” the organisation said in a statement.   

“This is an important step to strengthen the existing procurement process and limit the abuse of the proper procurement process.”

Top govt official to be arrested: Police Commissioner

Commissioner Baki says that Secretary Vele’s arrest is in regards to his alleged involvement in the release of funds to an Israeli company for the purchase of two generator sets in 2014.

Baki confirmed this by stating that the warrant of arrest was obtained by Chief Inspector Timothy Gitua of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate.

The warrant was obtained at the District Court on July 22nd.

Baki says that on Sunday the 26th he directed for the court order obtained by Chief Inspector Gitua to be executed immediately.