TIPNG applauds Ngangan for ‘tightening controls’

Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) applauds Finance Secretary, Dr Ken Ngangan, for his tightening controls on public expenditure and hopes that enforcements for this requirement may be sustained.

“It is welcoming to see stringent requirements are now in place to document, validate, verify and authenticate Government cheques by way of Purchase Orders, Authority to Pre-commit Expenditure (APC) or an Integrated Local Purchase Order and Claim (ILPOC), to assure accountability of Government spending,” the organisation said in a statement.   

“This is an important step to strengthen the existing procurement process and limit the abuse of the proper procurement process.”

TIPNG chairman Lawrence Stephens says public money should be spent for public purposes and never for anything else. Far too much of the wealth of our country has been lost through misappropriation and misuse of public funds, which has benefitted a few people to the detriment of many.  

"The real test lies in the actual enforceability of this circular. If this is not effectively enforced, the misuse and abuse of the public procurement process will continue," Stephens warns.

However, Stephens once again commended Secretary Ngangan on this positive step. 

(Loop file picture of Finance Secretary, Dr Ken Ngangan)

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