Dr Modowai Gumoi

Western Trios appeal to be heard this week

The matter is fixed for hearing on Thursday, February 23.

Leave was granted or allowed to the trio by the Supreme Court on Dec 14, 2016 after the court was satisfied on their grounds of appeal.

One of their grounds of appeal is that that they were found guilty of misappropriating K350,000 and an additional K24,000 and not K7,060,000- the amount to which they were sentenced to 10 years in jail for.

The three were convicted on July 26,2016 by the National Court for conspiring to defraud the state and misappropriating monies amounting to K7 million.

Dates available for Western trio’s appeals

Justice Stephen Kassman said there are dates available in February however, that will depend on how fast lawyers file their submissions in court.  

He made these remarks on Friday when the matter went for directions hearing before him. The case will return for mention at 1.30pm today.

The Supreme Court will be dealing with nine sets of appeals in total, two appeals from each applicant against the National Court’s finding of guilt and their ten-year sentence terms.

High court agrees to hear Wobiro's appeal

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, sitting as a single Supreme Court judge, today allowed the appeal to go for hearing before a three-judge Supreme Court bench after the court was satisfied on their grounds of appeal.

The matter will return to court at a later date for directions before a hearing date can be fixed.

Lawyers for the three prisoners of State have 21 days to file the notice of appeal before the Supreme Court.