Buimo Correctional Institution

DPM spends time with inmates, warders

Yesterday, he spent the whole day engaging with the community at Buimo, shared Christmas gifts with over 830 inmates, 130 CS officers and their families, and kicked off a soccer game between male prisoners.

DPM Rosso has been visiting Buimo every Christmas for over 20 years, saying it has always been a special experience for him.

“It’s a very special thing for me because planti blo yumi, yumi raun – me included – wanpla taim bai yumi end up lo haus sik o wanpla taim bai yumi end up lo haus karabus.

Govt urged to help correctional services

In a recent outbreak at the Buimo Correctional Institution in Morobe, Commissioner Stephen Pokanis said the burden on officers has increased.

He said over a period of at least three years, a string of prison breaks have occurred – the biggest being the 2017 Buimo mass breakout where 17 inmates were shot dead by prison wardens, three were captured alive and 57 escaped.

Correctional Institution needs help: Commissioner

About 17 detainees dashed for freedom between 10 and 10.30am during visiting hours on Sunday 19th January.

An officer and a convicted detainee lost their lives during the breakout when detainees climbed over the waiting area fence and ran for freedom. The officer was rushed to the ANGAU General Memorial Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Correctional Service Commissioner, Stephen Pokanis, said over the years, similar incidents have occurred whilst calls for help to the government have fallen on deaf ears.

CS officer displays uniform samples

In a short presentation at the Correctional Service Headquarters early last week, Corporal Yohang presented samples of uniforms for CS officers and inmates.

Corporal Yohang was sponsored in 2018 by the Correctional Service Department to undergo a year’s training in Government Textiles at the Small Industries Centre. Small Industries Centre is a division within the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Corporation located in Port Moresby, which focuses on the making of craft, artisans and government tailoring.