Blockchain Pasifik

PNG entrepreneurs champion use of new tech

Nou Vada and Rex Paura first met in 2000 through Nou’s older sister who was Rex’s classmate at school. The second time they met four years later, Rex was working for the World Bank as a program officer and 13-year-old Nou was in Grade Eight.

At the time, the World Bank was running Tingim Yut Kompetisen, a program that encouraged young Papua New Guineans to submit innovative ideas for potential funding.

Nou and his siblings decided to enter the competition with an internet café ‘start-up’ idea and met with Rex regularly to seek guidance.

Parkop supports Blockchain Pasifik

The Governor believes that this breakthrough technology which the event aims to promote is a vital stepping stone in the country’s development.

More details about this partnership will be revealed at an official press launch on July 3 where the Governor will make several major announcements.

Blockchain Technology is taking the digital world by storm with its applications in digital currencies, ledger structures, decentralised identity, markets, and basically any working system or information that can be stored and operated via this decentralised database.