Bashar al-Assad regime

Game of Thrones used in attempt to lure tourists to Aleppo

Bashar al-Assad's regime released a promotional video Friday with panoramic views of government-held parts of Aleppo, accompanied by an acoustic version of the theme music to the popular HBO television series.

Showcased in the video are aerial shots of wide green boulevards and swimming pools. It's a far cry from the rebel-held eastern part of the city, where 250,000 people live with daily airstrikes, according to the UN, and where whole blocks of neighborhoods have been destroyed.

Bashar al-Assad regime 'deliberately killed' reporter in 2012 rocket attack

The Syrian military intercepted Colvin's communications and unleashed a barrage of rocket fire on her position in the besieged city of Homs, according to documents filed in US district court in Washington on Saturday.

Colvin, then reporting for the London Sunday Times along with French photographer Remi Ochlik, died when 11 rockets hit a building where they were staying.