Baran Sori

Teachers’ unethical conduct concerns Commission

TSC chairman, Baran Sori, says the breaching of the professional and personnel code of conduct has brought distrust, shame, disrespect and ridicule to the teaching profession.

“Such behaviour will not be tolerated and teachers caught in such actions shall be suspended without pay and terminated from the Teaching Service,” warns Sori.

“I remind teachers that parents have very high trust on you to take responsibility to care, protect and teach their children in your charge and any action contrary to this trust is bad for the teaching profession.

Teachers expected to resume today

“Resumption of duties has always been a problem for some years with over 15,000 teachers not resuming duties on time during the resumption week,” says Teaching Service Commission chairman, Baran Sori.

“I warn teachers that the Commission will strictly manage teachers’ performance this year through Resumption of Duty Summary Sheet.