Teachers expected to resume today

All teachers must resume duties on the first week of resumption on Monday, 23rd January (today).

“Resumption of duties has always been a problem for some years with over 15,000 teachers not resuming duties on time during the resumption week,” says Teaching Service Commission chairman, Baran Sori.

“I warn teachers that the Commission will strictly manage teachers’ performance this year through Resumption of Duty Summary Sheet.

“Teachers who do not resume duties on time will face reduction in their leave fares and Performance Based Salary Scale (PBSS), consistent with the relevant sections of the Teaching Service Act and Salaries and Allowances Agreement policy on administration of PBSS. This will also apply to teachers who abscond from work place during the school year.”

Sori also acknowledged cooperation and support from the authorities, church education agencies, Local Level Governments and Members of Parliament who have been supporting teachers in one way or the other.

“The Commission encourages this level of support to continue in 2017 school year.”

(Picture: Development Policy Centre)

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