LOs maintain ‘No Pipeline Policy’

The landowners say they maintain a ‘No Pipeline Policy’ but claim the silence from the provincial government is proving otherwise.

For the last 10 years, Gulf Province has maintained a No Pipeline Policy. However, the landowners are suspecting the silence of the provincial government may mean they are supporting the project developer for gas pipeline out to Central Province.

The landowners say if this is the motive of the Gulf Provincial Government then it is contradicting the wishes of the people of Gulf Province.

Gulf LOs call on Total to reschedule exercise

Baimuru landowner representatives for the Papua LNG project in Kikori District want to allow more time for awareness and consultation.

Deputy president and chairman of the oil and gas for Baimuru LLG, Omaro O. Karara, said there was inadequate awareness among the impacted communities and the proposed dates set by the developer are not convenient.

Driver robbed, leader calls for police presence

This is an appeal from Thomas Morimaren, Ward 19 councillor in the Yangoru-Saussia Electorate of East Sepik Province, to local MP Richard Maru.  

Councillor Morimaren’s comments follow an armed hold up on Thursday where Jawia Primary School  grade 8 students who wanted to travel into Wewak, Wom Beach had their hired vehicle held up and robbed at Kinenien Village, about 10km from the main highway.       

He said people living between Wamayan and Baimuru want a police post to be built at Kusambuk so the police can attend quickly to crime.