IDG’s not touched: Haiveta

Governor, Chris Haiveta, said the monies have not been touched.

During the benefit rollout for Landowners of Segment 7 of the PNG LNG Project Pipeline, Governor Haiveta said now that respective Incorporated Land Groups (ILG’s) have been set up, proposed IDG projects will go back to the ILG.

He urged ILG’s to propose infrastructure projects that fall in line with established local and Provincial Development Plans.

“Your infrastructure Developments Grants are there, my Government has not touched it up to today,” said Governor Haiveta.

Gulf Pipeline LO’s receive LNG benefits

The Benefit rollout is the first since the signing of the Umbrella benefit Sharing Agreement (UBSA) in 2009 and the first flow through and shipment of LNG in 2014.

This follows the completion of landowner identification, the opening of clan bank accounts, and the election of directors to the board of their landowner company.

It was a historic occasion with Petroleum Minister, Kerenga Kua, and Gulf Governor, Chris Haiveta, accompanying Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) Managing Director, Augustine Mano, to announce the benefit roll out in Kikori on Wednesday.

Giving children a chance to excel

Being the third early childhood learning centre under the Oil Search Foundation’s Education and Community Development Program, the library is a beacon of learning, imagination and growth for the locals in Kikori, in Gulf Province.

Working in partnership with the community, Buk bilong Pikinini and the United Church of Papua New Guinea, each partner continues to play a significant role in ensuring the library provides much needed services.

LOs maintain ‘No Pipeline Policy’

The landowners say they maintain a ‘No Pipeline Policy’ but claim the silence from the provincial government is proving otherwise.

For the last 10 years, Gulf Province has maintained a No Pipeline Policy. However, the landowners are suspecting the silence of the provincial government may mean they are supporting the project developer for gas pipeline out to Central Province.

The landowners say if this is the motive of the Gulf Provincial Government then it is contradicting the wishes of the people of Gulf Province.

Medical ship invited to Kikori

MP Soroi Eoe, who is also the Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development, made this undertaking following a tour with the YWAM Medical Ships at the Port Moresby Harbour on Tuesday (Nov 14).

Eoe said Gulf Province was the first in the country to invite the YWAM Medical Ships, under leadership of former Governor Havila Kavo.

He said many delta communities were treated on the medical ship since its involvement.

“I acknowledge the tremendous work YWAM is doing in Papua New Guinea and also in my very own Kikori Open electorate,” said the MP.

Kikori district gets new ship

Maipakai said despite its late delivery, he on behalf of his people, thanked Karridale Limited for replacing the district’s ship capsized at the Korean waters more than five years ago due to technical faults.

The ship arrived at Maipakai’s private dockyard to a hero’s welcome.

“We have waited for its replacement for more than five years. The reason for the waiting time is the first ship we acquired sank in Korean waters. The buyer had to go out and looked for a new one. Karridate Limited PNG has finally delivered the ship,” Maipakai said.