Special Olympics PNG bags Badminton Silver

Their outstanding achievement has garnered applause and admiration from all corners.

The journey towards this prestigious accolade began with a sensational performance in the round robin phase. Facing off against Bulgaria in the first game, the PNG duo dominated both sets, triumphing with scores of 21-13 and 21-18 points.

The team's confidence soared as they carried this momentum into the second game against Palestine, once again securing victory in both sets with scores of 21-8 and 21-12 points. These two wins propelled them to the highly anticipated medal playoffs.

Newbie joins to extend PNG’s legacy

Jerome Bunge, David Joe Kaniku, Danny Ten and Nelly Leva were the quadrant who travelled to Ballarat, Australia, and further funding from the Australian High Commission in Papua New Guinea has allowed their legacy to continue as most members of the team return to the Continental Championships in Melbourne next week.

Originally, David Kaniku was planning to compete but is no longer able as there were not enough entries in the SH 6 classification. However, the team welcomes a new face onboard – Dorna Longbut.

Badminton, talent identification rake in numbers

President Kinivanagi Karo was in a jovial mood all day as the numbers kept pouring in.  

“I am really, really excited. We had a lot of people turn out almost a hundred participants.

“They went through all the tests and skills testing as well.

“We realised that there is a lot of potential out there and I’m really excited that we actually uncovered so much badminton potential.

“We are looking forward to those who are going to be inducted into the scholarship and those who will join us.