Alotau Accord 2

Alotau Accord 2 signed

The coalition partners include:

  • People’s Progress Party
  • United Resources Party (URP)
  • Social Democratic Party (SDP)
  • People’s Party
  • Christian Development Party
  • Our Development Party
  • People’s Democratic Movement
  • United Party

O'Neill, in commending the coalition leaders, said they are confident in forming the next government tomorrow.

The total number of MPs right now is 59.

Alotau Accord 2 to be signed tonight

In a media briefing today, O'Neill said the Alotau Accord 2 once signed will be used as a guide for the government in the next five years.

"We look forward in implementing these programs listed in the accord as we have done in the first five years from 2012."

He said the accord will focus on strengthening the agendas of education, health and infrastructure as priority areas for the government.

"The new things prominent in the accord is to try and boost our economy and rebuilding agriculture as a priority to create jobs and opportunity for our people.